Glass Art

I’ve been creating Kiln fired glass art pieces for over 20 years. Over the last 5 years I’ve begun to concentrate more on art and now  have my glass art  in 3 Maine galleries. Much of my art is based on ocean themes which really speak to me, but I also create other nature based pieces.

My art works are created using many techniques. Some of the glass art pieces are made entirely with crushed glass called frit. I create a design in pencil on the firing paper and build the piece on top of that with the crushed glass.  Others are created by cutting 100’s of small pieces of glass and arranging the glass like a puzzle. Currently I’m working on creating images out of clay and will make molds to then cast those in the kiln.

My art pieces come in a wide range of sizes and prices and include sun catchers, art dishes, and art pieces for your home decor.


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