Necklace Length

The most popular necklace length is 18″ and that is what I provide by default with your  order unless specified differently in the posting. I can provide different lengths upon request and possibly at additional cost. I do not offer 14″ chains. The necklace length you need depends on the size/ length of  your neck, torso, and also on your personal preference.

This chart will help if you like to stack necklaces as well; just keep in mind the size of the piece you’re putting on the chains so they layer well without overlapping each other too badly.  I usually wear 4 or 5 necklaces at a time and they do overlap but I like the way they look.

Most of my chains are silver plated but I can also provide solid sterling in a few lengths, again, at additional cost since silver  has really skyrocketed in price over the last few years.

image showing necklace chain lengths
Necklace lengths can be confusing; this image should clear it up for you.