Dichroic glass pendant  in red

Molten Fire

Sometimes more red, sometimes more gold, sometimes with a tinge of green... these dichroic glass pendants are always vibrant, always beautiful. This is a large one 1" x 1".


Buy Large Pendant $79.99

dichroic glass pendant - white

Winter White

Lovely true white features dichroic glass in silver, pink, green, teal and sometimes purple for an overall shimmery white effect. Cool dichroic glass to warm any heart. This is a medium one, 1" x 1/2".


Buy Medium Pendant $57.99


dichroic glass pendant blue


Blue is made with many shades and patterns of blue, sometimes pink, purple or gold dichroic glass. This is a small square one, 1/2" x 1/2"


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DragonFire(tm) Small green


Green is made with various shades, textures and patterns of green, blue & gold dichroic glass. This is a small one, 1" x 1/4".


Buy Small Pendant $47.99

dichroic glass pendant redLimited Runs

Sometimes I make these in new colors in small batches. You'll find those on the Glass Jewelry Page. These might be colors such as butterscotch, key lime, lavender, sunset coral or more... shown here is another example of red. This one is Extra Small, less than 1/2" x 1/2".   Buy Xtra Sm $38.00

dichroic glass pendant multi color


is handmade with a black base and contains every color of the rainbow. Each dichroic pendant is as unique as a painting and many have commented that they look just like tiny landscapes.

This is a large one.


dichroic glass pendant in Pink

Petal Pink

Palest pink art glass with dichroic accents in pink, silver and gold. Each pendant is handmade by the artisan and is unique.

This one is medium.


dichroic glass pendant - earth tones


This color is inspired by pecan pie and is made with a sienna crust slathered with dichroic glass in lovely golds. Usually found on the Glass Jewelry Page with the limited runs. This is an unusual size/shape.


dichroic glass pendant pink


is made with a lovely raspberry art glass with dichro in shades of pink and sometimes a bit of gold or even purples. This is a medium one.