Pecan Dart

A Tasty and Guilt Free Treat. This amber and bronze pendant will shoot straight to your heart. A stunning piece sure to attract attention. 4" x 1/2". Silver chain included. NEW

$120.00 BUY NOW

'Stone' Cross

Cast glass cross. Shades of brown, black and vanilla create a faux stone look. 2 1/2" x 2" on an 18" neoprene cord with sterling clasp. Note: colors are deeper in person, the photo is a bit brighter than reality. NEW

$39.99 BUY NOW



Three Aspects

Romantic Love, Trust and Friendship. A lovely golden dichroic stone set in a unique sterling silver setting. Comes with an 18" sterling chain.

$115.00 BUY NOW



Blue Trio

Three kiln cast circles in a beautiful transparent turquoise glass sway on a black neoprene cord with sterling clasp.  Each circle is approx. 1" x 1". $89.99 NEW BUY NOW

Molten Front

The fire burns within.....Approx. 1" x 1".   $85.00 NEW SOLD ALREADY!



Peak Season

Trees aflame, on fire, lit by the freezing wind..... this pendant captures the glorious season of color. Approx. 1 1/2" x 1". Sterling plated bail. Sterling chain included. $37.77 BUY NOW

Cranberry Dream

Pinks and purples swirl on a base of lovely cranberry. Our exclusive leaf pattern can be seen within the depths of this vivid piece. Set in sterling silver. 1 1/2" x 3/4". Comes with a sterling chain. $90.00 BUY NOW

Showers of Flowers

A million flowers shower down like rain in a magical moment. Sterling plated finding.  $45.00 NEW BUY NOW



Altered Art Bracelet

Five different butterfly stamps were used to create this lovely bracelet that will make her heart flutter for you! $65.00 BUY NOW


Raspberry Drop Earrings

A bright and cheery color anytime of year $30.00 BUY NOW

Pine Barrens

A lovely and simple cast glass round from my new series. The photo does not do justice to the mixed luscious greens. comes on a black neoprene cord with gold plated clasp. 1 1/2" $39.99 NEW BUY NOW



Flower Power

What's better than flowers? A sterling silver plated & glass flower that will last forever. comes with a black cable chain w/ magnetic clasp. Approx. 1" x 1"  Note: The picture does not do this piece justice. $65.00 NEW BUY NOW

KeyLime Slice

Key lime art glass with dichroic in many shades of green, blue and gold form this luscious treat.... good enough to eat but only consume with your eyes please!! Comes with a sterling chain. Approx. 2" x 1" $44.44 BUY NOW


Bits of broken stars captured in a jar to light even the loneliest of nights... like your love.....$33.33 BUY NOW




Swirling like the Aurora Borealis with a black glass bail this piece screams sophistication.   Approx. 1" x 1".  $44.44 BUY NOW

Celestial Fire

Captures the fire in the heavens just for you..... Approx. 3/4" x 1". Sterling chain included. $38.88 SORRY SOLD

Silver and Lime

One of my Key Lime stones set in a sterling frame. Bring a bit of tropical warmth home with this lovely pendant.  1 1/4" x 1". Comes with a sterling chain. $90.00 BUY NOW


Cast Glass Heart Pendant

Vanilla Dream

Beautiful glass heart cast in a mold. This one is in French Vanilla.

Comes on a lovely black braided cord. Heart shaped bail w/ heart on front and back.

$42.00 BUY NOW


fused glass pendant

Blue Swirl

This is a one of a kind made by melting shades of blue in a flower pot, the colors pour out the hole in the bottom and swirl willy nilly as they desire.  The pieces are then shaped by hand and refired. Comes with a sterling chain. $47.00 BUY NOW
fused glass pendant

Party People

Bright and happy this pendant!  1" x 1/2".   $54.44 NEW BUY NOW


dichroic glass pendant

Snow Blind

Blinded by snow or by her smile? Great in winter or contrasted with lovely tanned summer skin. $65.00 NEW Buy NOW






dichroic glass pendant

Pecan Bliss

A warm and luscious sienna crust slathered with buttery, sweet pecans.... yummy.....comes with a sterling chain. $57.00 EAT ME UP
dichroic glass pendant

Burning Heart

A clear glass heart glowing with embedded dichroic glass in gold, red and copper. This piece burns hot like your eternal love.  Cast in a handmade heart mold. Approx. 1" long. Comes on a black neoprene cord with gold filled clasp. $75.00 NEW Buy NOW



Wind Spirit

Wind dancing over a rippling river.. alive... delightful.. magical..... Comes with a sterling chain... $44.44 BUY NOW



Raspberry Dust

Luscious.. what more can I say?  Comes with a sterling chain. 1" x 1/2" $33.33 BUY NOW

White on White

You can't see it in this image but this circle looks like white stone with multiple white's blending and swirling. 1", comes on black satin cord as shown.  $29.99 NEW BUY NOW



Purple Delight

Happy  little purple spots cover this silver set pendant. Shimmery purple, pink and a hint of gold make this pendant a true delight. Aprox. 3/4" x 3/4". Comes with a sterling chain.

 $49.00 BUY NOW





dichroic glass focal bead


Pure white and bubbly silver will stop everyone in their tracks as you pass by. Mesmerizing. The channel runs through this pendant and it comes with a sterling chain.  1 1/2" x  3/4"...$65.00 BUY NOW
dichroic glass pendant

True Blue

A luscious blue heart shines from within with layers of dichro.   $52.00 NEW BUY NOW


dichroic glass pendant

Raging Red

This little pendant packs a whallop of color and contrast. Comes with a sterling chain. 1" x 1" at  longest points. $54.00 RAGE ON



dichroic glass pendant

Dry Spell

Nope, can't think of anything cool to say that fits this beautiful little gem. Except maybe this little treasure will end your dry spell? Incorporated glass bail. 1" x 3/4" $37.00  NEW BUY NOW
dichroic glass pendant


Brand new style heart with a 'hole' for hanging on a cord.  Comes on a black satin cord. $45.00  NEW BUY NOW


DragonFire(tm) Rhubarb

Strawberry Shake

One of my DragonFire(tm) Pieces in Strawberry. Approx. 1" x 1". Sterling chain included. $76.00 SHAKE IT UP


kiln cast heart green


Beautiful glass hearts cast in a mold. This one is in leaf green with lovely little flowers all over it. Comes on a lovely black braided cord. Heart shaped bail w/ heart on front and back.



dichroic glass tear

Earth Disk

Brushed sterling plated slide with a beautiful earth toned dichroic glass 'stone'.   Comes with a silver chain. $75.00 NEW BUY NOW


dichroic glass  pendant

Digital Ocean

I look at each  piece and let it tell me its name. This one brings thought of crashing waves overlaid with a matrix like feeling.. Comes on a unique black mesh chain. Approx. 1" x 1" $84.44 NEW LOVE ME