dichroic glass earrings

Cranberry Dream Earrings

A lovely cranberry glass luscious enough to eat.. but please don't!!  $30.00 BUY NOW
dichroic glass and sterling earrings

Starfield Earrings

You'll shine like a star when you wear these lovely star spangled dichroic glass earrings set in sterling silver.

$65.00 SHINE ON


Dichroic glass dangle earrings

Delicate Lavendar Drops

A limited edition run of just 3 pair so get 'em while you can! Last pair available! $45.00 TOO LATE I'M SOLD

dichroic glass earrings

Silver Dangle Earrings in Deep Blue

A lovely deep blue dichroic glass  $65.00 BUY NOW
dichroic glass earrings

Sunset Glow Earrings

A smaller version of our Ding2 earrings. A tad smaller than the standard 1/2", softly rounded squares.

$24.99 SHINE ON


Dichroic glass dangle earrings

Yummy Red!

A smaller version of our Ding2 earrings. A tad smaller than 1/2" with soft rounded edges. $24.99 BUY EM NOW







dichroic glass earrings

Rainbow Delight

When my daughter asks me what my favorite color is I tell her Rainbow because I can't pick just one. If YOU can only pick one pair of earrings, these are the one!!  $30.00


dichroic glass earrings

Tropical Seas



$29.99 SAIL AWAY


Dichroic glass dangle earrings

Put de Lime in da Coconut.....

And shake it all up!! 


$30.00 SHAKE IT








Washed Ashore

Walking along the shore, salty spray kisses sun-washed skin.. you stop to pick up a treasure along the beach... a lovely piece of sea glass. Every time these are worn you'll remember that precious moment in time.  $30.00 REMEMBER

Sea Grass Earrings

Beneath the waves sea grass undulates with the current offering shelter to many ocean creatures. Bring the mystery of the deep into your day with these lovely glass earrings. $30.00 SWAY WITH ME



Lavender Drops

Palest Lavender offers subtle beauty and glows on a summer night.  $30.00 GLOW NOW











True Blue Frost

Is your love 'True Blue'? Show her with this luscious pair of earrings. A spectacular shade of rich blue with a summer frost.   $30.00 BUY NOW

Blue Raspberry Ice

A touch lighter than True Blue. Cool down from that summer heat with Blue Raspberry Tea. These won't melt with the heat but they will melt her heart!


$30.00 COOL OFF



Mardi Gras Blues

Like a gentle ocean breeze these earrings have a subtle hint of cool blue. Perfect for that little white dress or blue cutoff shorts.  $30.00 GET THE BLUES











MardiGras Lavender

Light and shimmery, these earrings have a subtle touch of lavender running through them. $30.00 MAKE ME SHIMMER

Tuxedo Night

Subtle grey and white highlight these earrings Perfect for dinner and a cruise, drinks on the dock or kicking it on the shore.

$30.00 SHINE ON



White Cotton

Nothing says summer more than crisp, starched white cotton. These bright, lovely earrings will set off that summer glow for a stunning effect.  $30.00 TAKE ME HOME











Standing on Sunshine

What brings more pleasure than the warmth of pure sunshine on your bare skin? Almost nothing especially after a long, cold northern winter. Bring a bit o' sunshine wherever you go with these!  $30.00 SHINE ON

Think Pink

It's ok to think but if you start seeing elephants in pink it's time to worry. $30.00 DO NOT THINK, BUY ME



High Cotton

You'll feel like you're in it when you wear these bright and sparkly beauties! $30.00 BUY EM NOW











Music in the Air

Summer nights walking along the beach, arm in arm, gentle strains of music waft across you with the warm night breezes...... $30.00 TURN UP THE VOLUME

Flamingo Fun

Tongue in cheek, these flamingos will dance and play as you move thru your day. Avail. in pink too....

$30.00 FLY AWAY



Pink Carnations

A classic! Our exclusive carnation pattern in lovely pink. Due to the nature of this pattern each pair will be unique and slightly different.  $30.00 PICK ONE NOW











Red Carnations

Our lovely carnation pattern (like the pink one above) in Red. This is one of my favorite patterns of all time.  $30.00 STOP AND SMELL THE.. UH... Carnations

Deep Seas

Schools of fishies flash across these delightful earrings. Another of our exclusive patterns. Show them all that you are the best catch ever when you wear these sparkling beauties.




They're not just for stockings anymore. One of our customers favorites. Modern and classic at the same time. The color will vary on these due to the nature of the glass they are made with. $30.00 HOOK 'EM WHILE YOU CAN











Blue Swirls

Another of our Glass Orchids exclusive patterns; swirls in blue. This is another of my favorites and I hope you like it as well. When you order you'll see a number of other color options in the drop down list including: gold, red, silver and pink.  $30.00 BUY NOW


If you, or someone you know, needs to be reminded that hope does spring eternal then these dichroic earrings featuring the Chinese symbol for Hope are a must.





Ok, who doesn't need prosperity? Attract the good stuff when you wear these dichroic glass earrings sporting the Chinese symbol for Prosperity. Shown in Pink. Available in other colors, inquire or put it in the notes field : ).  $30.00 GET THE GOOD STUFF












Tell someone you want to spend forever with them with this timeless symbol of long life. Silver dichroic glass shown but available in other colors, inquire or send me a note.  $30.00 TAKE ME HOME

Lady Bugs

Lovely ladybugs sparkle in the light. Here in Maine they come inside for the winter and congregate in odd corners and window frames. Once in awhile venturing down to the sink or table for a little sip of water. We don't begrudge them a corner or two...  Matching pendant available. $30.00 BUG ME, PLEASE!



Doggie Style?

Whatever! You'll be styling in these dog bone patterned earrings. Another Glass Orchids exclusive pattern.  $30.00 BUY ME TODAY!







Don't look like wishbones to you? Well you don't have to be a cat to wish for these yummy treats. Show that you love your kitty with these new earrings. Made in honor of our cats; we're an equal opportunity glass studio after all.   $30.00 MEOW! BUY NOW

Purple Leaves

Our ever popular and exclusive leaf pattern adorn these lovely purple dichroic glass earrings. Available in other colors, inquire or send me a note.




Hot For You

Tell someone how you feel by wearing or giving these hot dichroic glass earrings. These feature our exclusive flame pattern. If you prefer gold filled hooks just send me a note.  $30.00 GET EM WHILE THEY'RE HOT